With CB CONSULTING financial and insurance solutions, your goal is closer than you think.

You choose whether to pay a deposit or not, the amount and duration you want. We will calculate together the best installment for you whether you are a private individual or a company for the purchase of your new car.

Request your loan for the purchase of your new used car.

You can request up to €50,000 for your mobility projects with different solutions designed for you whether you want to buy or rent.

The personal loan with the insurance policies that we offer for theft and fire, fully comprehensive collision, crystal policy, vandalism and much more is the all-inclusive solution that CB CONSULTING offers to make your purchases in maximum comfort and with extreme convenience.

You can request the loan by coming to the showroom in Via Trionfale 9234-9236  and after a test drive we will find the best solution.

Furthermore, if you choose our CVT insurance policy, you are protected for the entire duration of the loan in the event of theft, temporary incapacity, disability and death.

Applying for a personal loan for consumer credit is quick and easy with answers in just 2 hours.

The first thing to do, however, is always to choose the car in maximum safety and convenience and this is why we will be able to at our headquarters in Via Trionfale 9234 Rome.

Once you have chosen the Car and the installment that best suits your needs, we will start with the actual request. At this stage it is important to keep some documents at hand, such as:
An identity document
The tax code or health card
An income document: payslip/CUD/pension slip, etc.
The IBAN of your bank account, on which you will receive the requested sum and on which the monthly installments will be charged (it is not possible to indicate an IBAN linked to a prepaid card).
For years, CB CONSULTING has been a distributor of company cars for companies, freelancers and individuals, offering advantages in purchasing at distribution prices with a series of services aimed at cost-effectiveness and respect for the environment.

Contact our offices now at 0630889251 or by mail at cbconsulting.segreteria@gmail.com

We take care of everything, sales, rental, insurance, financing and logistics,  with documentary assistance for your maximum savings in time and money!

Experience and transparency in operations are our strength and your first guarantee for a safe and advantageous purchase!

Deliveries throughout Italy.


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Medium-long term rental in collaboration with Leasys S.p.a.

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