Costs of recharging electric cars, is it really worth it?

costo ricarica auto elettrice

Today we will actually analyze what is the economic impact of an average recharge on various hybrid vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines or fully electric propulsion.

If we start from a figure, i.e. from the average cost of domestic electricity equal to €0.52/KWh, we find that a cost of €0.89/KWh is charged for recharging public columns, i.e. almost double.

The usability network of the electric columns is currently equal to 32,800 units in Italy and is clearly behind the European average %, and the new generation electric motors require batteries with a capacity of at least 40kwh, which would need to be recharged at the points of fast recharge given that, with a “slow” home recharge, it takes about 12 hours to reach 100%.

It goes without saying that due to the very limited availability of public recharging points, the infrastructure network must run under cover given the expiry of the European Union to 2035 from which exclusively electric vehicles will be marketed.

But let’s see in practice traditional fuels compared in cost to electricity

Considering generalist cars with average purchase costs such as compacts, SUVs and city cars, with a  full tank of energy they can be covered on average from 70 to 350 km, while with a full tank of petrol they can be covered on average from 400 to 800 km (considering average of 17 km/l) and with a full tank of Diesel or LPG they will certainly travel more than indicated (calculating a consumption of 14 km/l).

It follows that a full electric charge at the column or at your own network in proportion and without counting the boring recharging times for the same number of kilometers traveled costs more or less 3 times than a full tank of petrol, diesel or LPG.

Ecological choices and the energy transition must be perpetrated for the collective well-being and for our planet but must not go against the economy and this is why choosing a company car is the ideal choice.

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