The Italian Market and the opportunity

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Understand your business today to find effective solutions;

We in the automotive sector live in a hyper-competitive context, and business leaders dominate the market. Opportunities are close at hand and the ability to analyze is maturing

Trends increasingly characterized by digital showrooms and the external environment can play a fundamental role.

Today is the time to make decisions quickly. Today we have to know our reference market in depth

knowing how to anticipate trends and new models. CB CONSULTING offers you the basis for effective strategic planning with innovative solutions for your business.

The supply chain and its shortfall in providing chip availability will continue through 2024 but we are clearly improving

We are nostalgic for the heat engine and we have one of the lowest % in Europe as regards the modernization of the vehicle fleet which, as known, by 2035, and with a constant

growth will have to replace petrol cars for a greener and more sustainable future.

Today our organization represents with its e-commerce CB-AUCTION.COM  and the solutions offered by Leasys S.p.a. a valid partner to save time and money but above all that

can guide towards an increasingly conscious choice of engine and vehicle to be offered to users in both the professional, business and private sectors.

Our approach is multi-sectoral and aimed at all companies, professionals, VAT numbers and private citizens

All automakers have Level 3 self-driving car programs and are working on developing robotaxis that will soon hit our roads.

It is these changes that affect the sector and first of all consumers who are increasingly oriented towards comfort, savings, software and information technology rather than the engine and

performance. Companies must adapt, become lean and digital and we at CB CONSULTING are up to date and have resources useful for understanding how much.


Train, inform and minimize costs and waiting times in order to increase the independence and the margins of realization of our core business

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